Animal Spirit Aroma Reading


AnimalSpiritAromaReading245-50 minute reading & creation of a unique aromatherapy blend, custom made just for you. This reading includes a small vial of wild crafted and organic essential oils that will assist you on your path, using the sacred messages of power animal spirits to guide you. We set up a time for the reading through a telephone call. After smudging and tuning into our guides. I shuffle the cards and you guide me to select seven cards which will represent the directions of the medicine wheel. Starting in the East each animal and corresponding essential oil is revealed, each offering you their special message and insight. Seven animal totems and seven essential oils  –  flowers, roots and resins combine to make up your unique blend and animal totem story. A photograph of your card spread is included with your oil. Please include your mailing address, telephone number and the best time to reach you Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

There are many gifts to be shared from the animals, birds and creatures that surround us – their message is often profound.  Married with the magic potency and holistic healing from the plant nation, this unique offering is a special gift that brings insight, confirmation and fragrant healing.  $95

Also available – Carry your animal spirit oil potion close to your heart with a soft deerskin aroma medicine pouch necklace – $65h or click “Market Place – SunJays Medicine” under links below