SunJay (Sarah-Jane McLaren Owen)

drum-lightSunJay is an artist, celebrated teacher and shamanic healer, who has studied the sacred science of yoga, aromatherapy,  vibrational sound in addition to many other healing modalities for over 25 years.

SunJay teaches from the heart and seeks to give her students and clients an authentic experience.  She embodies her transformative healing practice from a place of personal experience and deep compassion, empowering each soul with tools that encourage a shift within themselves to find greater capacity, flexibility, and comfort of mind, body and spirit.

SunJay’s radiance inspires souls to unveil their wellspring of unique potential and merge it with the ever-flowing gift of grace.

Praise from some of her clients and students

“Her passion for yoga is contagious, sharing with everyone the many blessings it brings”

“SunJay is a gifted healer-she has been an essential aide in helping me heal my body, mind, and spirit.

“She teaches us to let go and be still with ease. She guides you to a place where you are present so you can experience the pulse of life”