In warmest gratitude to all who have inspired me along the path.

My gift is igniting the spark in the heart of my bothers and sisters ­-
awakening the passion that fosters creativity, nurtures souls and inspires us to live our dreams and experience our greatest joy!

Two legged Trees

First I prepare good soil and plant seeds of awareness, inquiry, exploration.
I feed in organic nutrients of resource, tools and technique.
I then water generously with clear communication and engaging interaction.
I nurture with enthusiasm, listening and humor, carefully protecting delicate blossoms with guidance and encouragement.
As I watch each sapling mature, I compost in responsibility and accountability.
As the fruit ripens I harvest with praise and gratitude.
Before fall, I prune carefully with dialogue and positive counsel, revealing magnificent trees, strong enough to withstand life’s harsher elements, now ready to bare fruit by their own resource.

It is this sacred journey that I share with those that find my door.
May two legged trees in turn, inspire and plant good seeds of their own.