Shamanic Healing Session

sound altarSunJay will guide you on a shamanic journey assisted by power animals and spirit guides. Using ancient healing sound tools and frequencies used by many indigenous healers, SunJay helps you to discover & release old patterning that no longer serves – mentally, physically and emotionally, offering a unique opportunity to heal, restore, replenish and rebirth. 80 minute healing session offered fully clothed, lying down. This includes a 10 minute consultation before the session begins.


“SunJay is a gifted healer-she has been an essential aide in helping me heal my body, mind, and spirit”  – Sally Romero

$150     email: sunjaymedicine@gmail to book an appointment

SunJay – White Buffalo Woman

Sacred Medicine Keeper

Visionary, Healer, Medicine Woman & Keeper of Sacred Ceremony – a Teacher among Teachers. SunJay is a Shamanic Practitioner & Sound Healer. The gifts she shares are many – Ordained Minister, International Yoga Instructor, Plant Intuitive, Aroma-Therapist & Herbalist, Naturalist-Ethnobotanist. Musician, Artist, Retreat Facilitator – a valuable contributor to the drum circle and healing community. SunJay has worked with hundreds of souls, mostly women –opening the doors to their own healing. She plants seeds of awareness & inspiration that foster creative, healthy & fulfilled lives.